Village of Bensenville  – Ice Arena & Swimming Pool.

Someone designed a pool next to an ice arena for the Village of Bensenville.   The result — a total mess.  Never fear Building Energy Experts to the rescue.

The Warm 80 degree air of the pool was being drawn into the cold dense 50 degree side of the ice arena.  This created a moisture issue that was ruining both the pool observation deck and the ice rink .  LESSON #1  Fiberglass insulation is not an air barrier

The insulators who originally installed the insulation for the building didn’t anticipate this disaster.  They assumed that the insulation would act as an air barrier and an in fact preformed more like a sponge.   Houston we have a problem.  It literally rained inside the ice arena.

Two part closed cell spray foam insulation was the solution.   By “sealing” off the two sides of the building and better insulating the underside of the pool side roof deck we were able to solve the issue and control the moisture.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase thermal resistance of roof deck
  • Eliminate air transfer between buildings
  • Two Part closed cell spray foam insulation
  • Treated with a thermal barrier paint
  • Removal of old water logged fiberglass insulation.
  • The community is now able to use the observation pool deck with out getting rained on
  • The daily repair of ice mounds from the ceiling dripping water on to the ice has been eliminated.  

What a delight and pleasure it is to be writing this letter to you. I contracted Building Energy Experts for this project. The crew was kind, courteous, respectful, patient, and easy to coordinate with, as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend them without any reservations on my part.
— Darrell from Waukegan, IL

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